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Body diversity according to us

La diversité corporelle selon nous

Diversity and femininity at the heart of VALERIE C.

Getting into the fashion industry, it was clear to our designer that her clothing line would shine a light on all body types. Although the image of the tall, slender Caucasian model is still very present in the majority of global advertising campaigns, it must be admitted that fashion has taken the turn of diversity for a few years now. And we're not complaining about it!

Indeed, we see more and more diversity in the image conveyed by brands, especially in the choice of models which is intended to be more inclusive. It is less and less rare to see models with voluptuous curves and various ethnic origins. Some even have atypical physical characteristics such as a handicap or a marked difference.

It is in this spirit that our designer VALERIE C. preferred to move away from the standardization of sizes (small, medium, large) by relying instead on a concept of silhouettes. An initiative that is part of its desire to advocate body diversity!

And what exactly is body diversity?

Body diversity, seen by VALERIE C., is simple: to highlight real, different and radiant women. It's going beyond the standards of the fashion industry by offering adjustable clothing intended for different types of body. It also means giving pride of place to amateur modeling by promoting the diversity of features; whether they are mixed, colored, round. Beauty is in diversity and in non-categorization: it is neither more nor less than the heart of our values.

Not just a marketing strategy

The VALERIE C. brand does not play the diversity card for marketing purposes. It embodies diversity in each of its stages of creation. Each piece, each creation is the subject of a long reflection upstream. This reflection translates into research work on the fabrics and cuts to be prioritized to create clothes adapted to "almost" any type of body. The Gabrielle silhouette by VALERIE C., the most slender, is ideal for slender morphologies whose curves are discreet, while the Claudie silhouette is suitable for more athletic, even muscular women. As for the Sophia silhouette , it is above all characterized by well-defined curves.

Communication being a priority, the entrepreneur is attentive to the needs of her customers. Moreover, before being put on the market, the creations signed VALERIE C. are the subject of consultation with clients, friends or colleagues. For example, it took many interviews, dozens of sketches and tests on different models before determining the final version of the reversible tank top, for the sake of comfort and style for all body types.

Always with the aim of improving her designs, VALERIE C. is inspired by spontaneous daily discussions or her exchanges during fashion events to better understand the needs and tastes of her clients. In short, body diversity is one of the company's three core values. The objective is simple: to offer clothing made in Quebec, designed to evolve with our body and pass through the years with elegance.


Article written following the interview of Complice Numérique.

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