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Mon inspiration pour le printemps 2024

My inspiration for spring 2024

In the creative whirlwind, it is sometimes crucial to reconnect with the simplest and most essential elements. For this spring, I was inspired by the ephemeral, the lightness of the...

Dans les coulisses de la marque VALERIE C.

Behind the scenes of the brand VALERIE C.

Creator and fashion designer, Valérie Canuel takes us behind the scenes of her studio in Lac-Humqui, in Matapédia, by showing us the underside of her job and her daily life....

La diversité corporelle selon nous

Body diversity according to us

Body diversity, seen by VALERIE C., is simple: to highlight real, different and radiant women. It's going beyond the standards of the fashion industry by offering adjustable clothing intended for...

Comment se vêtir de manière responsable?

How to dress responsibly?

Despite everything that we can read or hear about so-called "eco-responsible" or " eco-friendly " or " sustainable " or "ethical" companies, none are completely so. Oh no, it doesn't...

Trois silhouettes portant les vêtements VALERIE C. Une camisole, le pantalon noir, le plastron ainsi que la chemise.

What is the concept of silhouettes?

Our mission is to provide high-quality clothing that makes people feel confident, comfortable and stylish while having a positive impact on society. The brand is based on the idea of...

Les textiles et leurs caractéristiques

Textiles and their characteristics

As a consumer, it is difficult to know the true characteristics of textiles found in stores. Which fabrics should I prioritize according to my needs and my values? Does my choice...