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Adjustable clothing - High quality fabrics - Unique designs - Absolute comfort
At VALERIE C., we believe in sustainable and ethical fashion. We want to offer comfort through luxurious everyday clothing while encouraging our Quebec expertise. Our goal is to find a balance between what is trendy and timeless to dress the confident and stylish modern woman in simplicity.



We design clothing to inspire confidence and well-being. This is why body diversity is at the center of our values. Our sizes offered are based on silhouettes rather than fixed and categorized sizes. Clothing is also designed to adapt our bodies over the years.

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We are transparently committed to prioritizing sustainable materials, minimizing packaging, minimizing textile waste and informing customers of the choices and opportunities available to them as fashion consumers. Our blog allows us to share our point of view with you on the various current issues and to keep you informed of our activities.

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Proudly advocating slow fashion, we prefer to produce well-constructed, versatile and quality clothing on a smaller scale. Our textiles are made from certified natural fibers or come from dead stock.

All our clothing and accessories are made in Quebec. Each supplier is carefully chosen, from clothing production to labels! It is essential that employees throughout the production chain are well paid and have acceptable working conditions.

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