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What is the concept of silhouettes?

Trois silhouettes portant les vêtements VALERIE C. Une camisole, le pantalon noir, le plastron ainsi que la chemise.

Our mission is to provide high-quality clothing that makes people feel confident, comfortable and stylish while having a positive impact on society.

The brand is based on the idea of ​​“de-categorization” and openness to diversity. The goal is to send a message of beauty in diversity and to take a step towards the abolition of categories. The clothes are therefore designed to be easily adjustable. Why refer to pejorative terms? We are not “small”, “medium” or “large”.

Our sizes offered are therefore based on silhouettes and not on fixed sizes. We present to you the silhouettes Alexis, Gabrielle, Claudie, Sophia and Margot.

ALEXIS : The Alexis silhouette is slim and its curves are discreet. It represents an XS (extra small).

GABRIELLE : A person is not "small". She can be represented by our silhouette GABRIELLE - The embodiment of gentleness and delicacy. The Gabrielle silhouette is slim and defined with confident curves. It represents an S (small).

CLAUDIE : A person is not "standard" or "medium". She can be represented by our CLAUDIE silhouette - When strength of character and tenderness are in harmony. The Claudie silhouette is more athletic. It represents an M (medium).

SOPHIA : A person is not "large". She can be represented by our silhouette SOPHIA - His unwavering confidence becomes a source of inspiration. The Sophia silhouette is graceful, charismatic and her curves are more defined. It represents an L (large).

MARGOT : The Margot silhouette is generous, strong and its curves are more defined. It represents an XL (very large).

To find out which silhouette suits you best, refer to the Silhouette Guide.


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